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Dua Enterprises is a leading and experienced company in Agriculture, Expert in construction/ installation of Greenhouse, Hydroponics, Aeroponic, Aquaponics, Vertical farming, Drip Irrigation and landscaping.

Residential and Commercial Urban development and theme parking with innovative ideas with an economical solution.


Tunnel to the Multi-tech Green House for 4 season growth and consistence profit in the climate control system.


Soilless Multi-Layer cultivation system for a bumper crop and profit 20% – 30% more production as a compressed soil system.

Drip Irrigation

Surface and subsurface Drip Irrigation, gardens, open fields and orchards for 30%-40% water saving.

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Dua Enterprises is commerce in Landscaping, Horticulture, Automatic Irrigation System, Green House, Hydroponic and in alternative energy

with aim that agriculture is not only for food security but also for business, enriching the environment, facilitate gardening dream in to luxurious lawn and backyard garden, accomplish the needs of green Pakistan and familiarize counter strategy and induction of technology to cater new emerging challenges of water shortage, power shortage and food security.

Landscaping & Horticulture

  •    Prevents overwatering through drip irrigation
  • Low cost Bamboo tunnel to Galvanized Green House
  • Modern agriculture with hydroponic
  • Provider of all agro necessary accessories

DUA Enterprises

Water crises are an emerging future challenge, Dua Enterprises had anticipated water crisis/shortage in 2002 owed to climate change, over pumping, drought and cross border threat. We were introduced Automatic Irrigation System (Drip irrigation) in the country to avoid flooded habits to control watering system according to need of plants, shrubs, bushes grass and trees of residential and commercial gardens, orchard all crops field and vegetable cultivated in open area or in Green House.

Plant in hand - save green

In the same way, Dua Enterprises was antedated Food Security issue and needs of future farming. We advocate farmers Green House cultivation (Tunnel Farming)for sustainable growth, consistency and profitable cultivation. We provide a chance to turn-key agricultural to agriculture biz, solutions, guidance and specialized for your needs. We assist our clients with local material for low-cost Bamboo to hi-tech galvanized greenhouse & Hydroponic system. We are associated with foreign experienced and reputed companies and providing imported material, structure, humidity control, climate controller, automatic irrigation, fertilizing and pest control systems along with after-sale services. Assistance is all type of hydroponic system (Soil less) is another speciality of us. Dua Enterprises is also facilitating farmers for a soft loan from lander agencies and banks.

Dua Enterprises was an active part of the debate to find out an alternative source of energy solution since 2000. Solar energy is a cheap way of alternative source of energy. This energy can be easily harnessed for practical purposes such as heating homes, lighting bulbs, home appliance, agriculture supportive appliance and running automobiles and even aeroplanes. We facilitate small farmer to commercial identities to use of solar energy from their remote to advance resolutions.

Our specialist team is made up of committed and passionate designers, engineers, architects, landscapers, agriculturist, project managers, horticulturalists and technical staffs who strive to make a positive difference every day in each and every project. We are continually investing in the training and development of our staff, the research and development of our methods, and the regular audit of our performance to the highest international standard.

We focus on all scales of projects corresponding residential, commercial and industrial both in public and private sector. Our portfolio includes many of the regions’ renowned golf courses, iconic landmark hotels & resorts, sport centers, clubs, housing schemes, roadside planning, government projects and public works, together with a considerable number of Pakistani more prestigious residential societies.

Smart Agriculture

Climate change in Pakistan, The effects of climate change and global warming on Pakistan are in the mean ways like melting of glaciers in the Himalayas, threatening the volumetric flow rate of rivers of Pakistan increasing sea level 10 cm. the effects are projected on millions of lives, unprecedented temperature 52-to- 57oC, tropical storms, economic sustainability, food security 21 million -30 million populations up to 2030.

Smart Agriculture is the new agricultural technologies cope up with available agro-ecological climatic conditions that the agricultural production could be raised. It is highly linked with Internet applications and softwares help to measure the gap of the agriculture soundness and readiness to face the forthcoming challenges by the farmers. Actually, it is supporting the farmers intellectually and being smart in their operations by using those agricultural technologies. By making farming more connected and intelligent, precision agriculture helps reduce overall costs and improve the quality and quantity of products, the sustainability of agriculture and the experience for the consumer. Increasing control over production leads to better cost management and waste reduction. Hope there will be many welcoming issues in the future regarding Smart agriculture.

  • Availability of water and water usage according the need of plants and land.
  • Land condition, evaluation, monitoring diseases controlling insects and in advance suggestions for improvement to avoid over usage of chemical, pesticides to sustain land fertility.
  • Government/environmental regulations:The federal government (and often other foreign governments), are putting more and more restrictions on how food can be produced. This can impact things like pesticides, genetically modified organisms, land management, workforces or animal welfare. Even customers are demanding their own standard from farms these days needs a system to help out them to meet regulation.

Pakistan’s agriculture sector plays a central role in the economy as it contributes 18.9 percent to GDP and absorbs 42.3 percent of labour force. It is also an important source of foreign exchange earnings and stimulates growth in other sectors. The most important crops are wheat, sugarcane, cotton, and rice, which together account for more than 75% of the value of total crop output.

LoRaWan Sensor gateway and node

Pakistan has also cut the use of dangerous pesticides dramatically.

Pakistan is a net food exporter, except in occasional years when its harvest is adversely affected by droughts. Pakistan exports rice, cotton, fish, fruits (especially Oranges and Mangoes), and vegetables and imports vegetable oil, wheat, pulses and consumer foods. The country is Asia’s largest camel market, second-largest apricot and ghee market and third-largest cotton, onion and milk market.

The economic real growth in the agricultural sector averaged 5.7% but has since declined to about 4% to 1.2 %, due to many reasons; major reasons are including traditional cultivation pattern low yield, harvesting losses, dependence on import, substandard production, over pesticides & chemical usage and rejection of food products from international buyers and from all major countries.

Smart Soil Monitoring
Plant checking sensor
LoRaWan Sensor Battery
Planting Setup Infograpghic

Managing crops

Crop management devices are IoT-driven systems that must be invested in to gain insights from real-time data. This contributes to the effective and immediate understanding of crop health. For example, gathering sensor data can provide insight into the appropriate level.

  • Monitor climate conditions with smart farming sensors, unpredictable scenarios, such as weather conditions, can be understood beforehand. IoT sensors located across fields collect meaningful data from the environment and send it to the cloud for further reference. Mapping climatic conditions, investing in the appropriate crops and adapting to required measures to escalate precision farming have become realities in today’s world.

End-to-end farm management system:

An end-to-end farming management system is what brings together all agriculture IoT devices and sensors. It can be installed on-premises as a powerful dashboard, having analytics capabilities and built-in accounting and reporting features. Such a system is crucial to trace areas of improvement in agriculture. With an end-to-end management system, maximizing existing strengths can happen within a short time span.

Maintaining a profit:

Like every business, farmers struggle with maintaining a profit in a market where prices are almost always stable or falling and expenses continue to rise.

Electorinc devices for planting
Planting device
Sensor control management setup
Monitorizing the planting fields

Cattle monitoring

Monitoring cattle health is crucial not only for the animals’ well-being, but also for the well-being of the humans who will consume them. Body temperature, nutrition intake, activity and more can be monitored by IoT. Plus, IoT can be used to identify cattle that accidentally get separated from their herd.

  1. Cows often get pregnant without the owner’s knowledge. It is crucial for the farmer to know this as cows require special attention in order to stay healthy and deliver a healthy calf. Plus, some infections during pregnancy can cause the entire the cattle to suffer. IoT can help in these scenarios.
  2. Likewise, in poultry farms, chances are high that birds will get the flu. With IoT sensors, farmers can separate sick birds from the healthy lot and continue safe, healthy farming.

Dua Enterprises is associated with international companies and introduce LoRa wan technology in Pakistan.

Increasing yields

Improving the yield (amount of output per acre) is important because it not only offsets increasing costs, but also helps accommodate an increasing population on less and less land.


today technology enables the farmers to assess market needs, market and supply their products to the right market.

Increasing yields

As mentioned above, having access to real-time data that aids crop and animal monitoring allows a farmer to quickly identify and resolve problems, improving their overall yield. Data points that can be drilled down to a very specific location help immensely. Even tractors are helping by monitoring real-time yields as they plow, fertilize and harvest

LoRa Devices
LoRaWan Device attachments
Office with IoT

Dua Enterprises is associated with international companies and introduce LoRa wan technology in Pakistan. Through this technology you can monitor your in house or open field, orchards, and cattle farms with 5 KM radius. Evaluate growth, soil, water needs & watering, temperature, humidity, weather forecasting through sensor and operate all concern system from your mobile or computer without presence on farmhouse.

Interested to make a Garden

If you have your heart set on growing a specific plant, check to see what growing conditions it requires. Our trained and experienced staff facilitating customized services to every single client training of client staff, assistance in marketing solution and bank loan facilitation.

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Beautiful garden greenery
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